U-M Health: Rising COVID-19 hospitalizations include more children in this surge, strain resources

As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations for kids and adults hit record levels in the latest Omicron surge, leaders at University of Michigan Health, Michigan Medicine, say the overwhelming strain on resources has led to delays in lifesaving surgeries. U-M Health is also instituting a two-week pause on any visitors to its adult hospitals effective Jan. 12.

Pancreatic cancer cells feed off hyaluronic acid

Men scientists facing each other in front of lab screen

Often found in beauty products and wellness supplements, hyaluronic acid attracts and retains water well. It’s also a major player in the physiology of pancreatic tumors.

Inspiration, hope and a song

close up of medical person in PPE with green patterned scrub hat

A collaboration between nurses, frontline workers and musical theatre students tells the story of endurance and making a difference.

Man gets new kidney thanks to six-state transplant chain

Women in hospital room with masks on. Man near pond holding a fish.

Jason Gentry needed a kidney. Lisa Clouse wanted to give him hers. When the two weren’t a match, a paired kidney exchange across 6 states ensured Gentry — and 5 others — got the organs they needed.

Heart-safe snow shoveling

overweight man shoveling snow in winter with big coat outside

Before you head outside with your shovel, brush up on these tips to keep your heart safe out in the snow.

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