Why It’s Important to be an Active Support Coach

Elderly man with the hand of his support coach on his back

It’s not just about making it through surgery, it’s about making it through recovery. Two Michigan Medicine experts share the importance of having an active support coach, or caregiver, after a procedure.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Resident Wellness

Man on couch image

It’s not enough to offer meditation and teach yoga. Institutions need systemic changes to protect the well-being of trainees, argues a researcher who has studied thousands of residents.

$10M gift from Tadataka and Leslie Yamada will fuel U-M efforts to improve the world’s health

For decades, U-M teams have tackled some of the world’s toughest health challenges through research, education and global partnership. Now, thanks to a new $10 million gift, those teams will have new resources to think even bigger, work together and with global partners more effectively, and make a greater positive impact on the health and health care of people with the greatest need worldwide.

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