Mother Knows Best

mother holding child in field

Doctors, midwives and nurses share what they like best about being a mom, what it means to help women become mothers and top advice they share with new parents.

Long Haul COVID in Kids

Teen girls with nature one by pond and grass and the other on the beach

New clinic focuses on children and teens who experience lingering symptoms after COVID, including respiratory issues, fatigue and joint pain.

Science and Research Through a Visual Lens

 baseball player throwing, pink cell dressed up as boxer, lungs with cancer treatment in them, finger prick - with 5 year anniversary sticker on bottom left

Illustrations play an instrumental role in conveying medical innovations and discoveries in our stories. Look back at 5 of the most memorable ones.

The Visuals Behind the Stories

collage of top pictures of a little bou with glasses, twi girls, a person standing an umbrella, kids playing a game and staff all together in hospital room with patient during COVID

Look through 5 of the most eye-catching images and videos that helped define some of the Michigan Health blog articles over the last five years.

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