COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Update

Page updated April 15, 2021

About the J&J Vaccine Pause

The CDC and FDA on April 13 recommended that providers pause on giving out the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. Michigan Medicine has not administered any of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine through our patient vaccine program. Some individuals received the J&J vaccine during their participation in a Michigan Medicine research trial. If you received the J&J vaccine as part of a research trial, contact your study administrator with questions.

For more information about the blood clots experienced by a small number of J&J vaccine recipients and symptoms to look for if you have received the J&J vaccine, visit our blog post What You Should Know About the J&J/Janssen Vaccine Pause.

Vaccine Distribution Update

Updated 2:35 pm, April 9, 2021

Here are this week’s top updates from the Michigan Medicine patient vaccination program:

  • Michigan Medicine is opening 7,965 first-dose appointments to take place the week of April 12, 2021.
    • At Brighton Health Center, we are administering the Moderna vaccine at this time.
    • At Michigan Stadium, we are administering the Pfizer vaccine at this time.
  • We are sending invitations in waves to patients age 16-49 with underlying health conditions. Learn more about our scheduling process and how to check your portal account to see if you have a vaccine invitation.
  • All patients age 50 and older who have not been vaccinated by other providers should now have received an invitation to be vaccinated. If you have not yet been vaccinated and believe you should have received an invitation from us, see "If You Haven't Received an Invitation to be Vaccinated" below.
  • Parents and adult caregivers of children with special health care needs are eligible to be vaccinated and can sign up to request a vaccine appointment on

If You Haven’t Received an Invitation to Be Vaccinated

If you haven’t received an invitation to be vaccinated at Michigan Medicine and believe you should have, please choose your age group from the list below for more information.

The best way to get vaccinated as soon as possible is to explore additional opportunities to be vaccinated through vaccine finder search tools, mass vaccination clinics, pharmacies, and local health departments. Visit our Finding Vaccines in Your Area page for list of resources to help find vaccine locations.

Age 50 and older

We have sent invitations to all established Michigan Medicine patients who are 50 and older and living in the State of Michigan who have not gotten vaccinated elsewhere.

If you haven’t received an invitation to be vaccinated, please consider the following:

Did you get vaccinated somewhere else in the State of Michigan?

We are so pleased you made this decision to protect yourself and your community.

If you were vaccinated in the State of Michigan (excluding the VA), your vaccination record was entered into a statewide immunization database (MCIR) that securely connects with our electronic medical record system.

If your medical record shows that you have been vaccinated through another provider in the State of Michigan, you will not receive an invitation to be vaccinated at Michigan Medicine. This helps us move on to offer other patients vaccination once we have the reassurance that you have already received your immunization.

Are you an established Michigan Medicine patient?

The State of Michigan is allocating vaccine to hospitals based on a formula that factors in the number of patients they have. For this reason, right now we are only offering vaccine appointment invitations to patients who are currently under the care of a Michigan Medicine provider. 

For the most part, this would include anyone seen by a Michigan Medicine provider in the last 2-3 years. This may not include individuals who only visited one of our locations for a blood draw or a radiology procedure such as an x-ray or MRI.

Visit our Finding Vaccines page for tips on how to find a vaccine appointment in your area.

Have you checked the patient portal to be sure you don’t have an open invitation?

If you've received an invitation to schedule your vaccination appointment, it will be viewable on the MyUofMHealth patient portal. Log in to your portal account to find the appointment scheduling message on your home page, click the blue "Schedule Now" button, and then follow the steps to choose a location, date and time for your appointment.

For a detailed guide to scheduling your appointment, including screenshots of the patient portal, view or download the Scheduling Your COVID-19 Vaccine PDF.

If none of the above descriptions apply to you ...

If you have not been vaccinated elsewhere, have been under the care of a Michigan Medicine provider in the last 2 years, and have checked your portal account to be sure you don’t have an open invitation, you can call our hotline at 734-763-6336 for assistance.

You can also check out our Finding Vaccines page for tips on how to find a vaccine appointment in your area.

Age 16 - 49

We continue sending invitations in waves to patients age 16 and up with underlying health conditions who live in the State of Michigan. If you haven’t received an invitation yet and have not been vaccinated through another provider, you will receive an invitation from Michigan Medicine as vaccine supply allows.

We will begin offering vaccination to patients age 16 and older without underlying conditions as soon as we are able to determine that our patients with underlying conditions had the opportunity to be vaccinated by us or other community providers.

For more details about who is included in each phase of vaccination and a chart showing vaccine progress at Michigan Medicine, visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Phases and Progress page.

Resources for Finding Vaccines in Your Area

We know it can be difficult to find up-to-date information about vaccine availability. For a list of resources to help find vaccine locations, visit our Finding Vaccines in Your Area page.

More Information and FAQs

For commonly asked questions and answers about vaccine ingredients, first and second doses, symptoms and side effects, and more, visit our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ page.

If you are a Michigan Medicine employee, or a University of Michigan student, staff or faculty member, visit the FAQs About COVID-19 Vaccines page on Michigan Medicine Headlines for information about vaccine logistics and how to make a vaccination appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccinations at Michigan Medicine by the Numbers

As of end of day, Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Total COVID-19 Vaccine Doses at Michigan Medicine: 101,179

State of Michigan data: For detailed vaccine distribution data by region and county within the state of Michigan, visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard page on the site.

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