For Michigan Medicine Patients During COVID-19

The enhanced care options below are for Michigan Michigan Medicine patients. If you are not a Michigan Medicine patient, please contact your primary care provider’s office. If you don't have a primary care provider, contact your local health department. In Washtenaw County, that number is 734-544-6700.

To help Michigan Medicine patients receive appropriate care with minimal risk of spreading disease in their communities wherever possible, we are providing enhanced access to outpatient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See below for options for care including our 24-7 COVID-19 Hotline, Curbside Screening, and enhanced access to Virtual Care (E-Visit or Video Visit). You may also want to visit our COVID-19 Patient-Specific Guidelines page for information for patients with specific conditions.

COVID-19 Hotline

The Michigan Medicine COVID-19 Hotline is available for established Michigan Medicine patients for questions about symptoms, home management, whether medical treatment is required and what specific steps you should follow to receive care or testing. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, only for patients and employees of Michigan Medicine. Call the hotline at  734-763-6336.

Curbside COVID-19 Screening

Curbside COVID-19 screening for established Michigan Medicine patients will be offered from select Michigan Medicine health center locations by referral only.

E-Visits and Video Visits

Michigan Medicine providers are expanding access to E-Visits and Video Visits to allow existing patients to continue to receive regular care during the COVID-19 pandemic. For questions and answers about E-Visits and Video Visits, see our Virtual Care Frequently Asked Questions page.

Patient-Specific Guidelines for COVID-19

Everyone, including individuals with medical conditions, should use basic infection prevention guidelines. We have also developed guidelines for patients with specific health conditions or who are being treated at certain Michigan Medicine clinics. Visit our COVID-19 Patient-Specific Guidelines page to view these guidelines organized by category. 

About Scheduled Appointments and Procedures

Some scheduled procedures and outpatient appointments may need to be rescheduled. If you have a question about a scheduled appointment or procedure, please contact your care provider. In addition, many outpatient appointments are being shifted to a Video Visit or E-Visit format for the safety and convenience of our patients.

COVID-19 Patients at Michigan Medicine

We are posting updated numbers daily for COVID-19 tests, cases and hospitalizations at Michigan Medicine. See the COVID-19 at Michigan Medicine by the Numbers section on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update page for details.