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Referral Information

Many insurance plans require referrals and/or authorizations in order for services to be covered. A referral is permission from your primary care physician and your health plan to see a particular provider or to have a specific procedure done. If your plan requires a referral, your primary care physician must provide the referral prior to services being rendered. If you arrive for services without a referral in place, you may be asked to sign a waiver that holds you financially responsible for the services you receive.

Authorizations are often required for radiology procedures such as MRI. If an authorization is required, the radiology referral coordinator team will obtain the authorization from your health plan prior to the service. If you have questions about whether a service will be authorized, please contact your insurance company. For more information, please see these links:

Before Your Visit

To Release Copies of Medical Records

  • Please contact Radiology Customer Service at 734-936-4516 to request copies of radiology studies on a disc.