Viewing the health information for my child, spouse or other patient

Caregivers can request Proxy Access to a loved one's patient portal on MyUofMHealth

MyUofMHealth patient portal has a function called Proxy access. This allows a parent, guardian or other designated individual (like a spouse, family member, or friend) to log into their personal MyUofMHealth account, and then connect to the information regarding a family member or friend. Because of the sensitive nature of medical information, each adult must establish their own account, and partners cannot share access without requesting proxy access.

You can complete a Proxy Consent Form online.

Gaining proxy access requires approval from the University of Michigan Health System, and sometimes additional information may be required to demonstrate legal authority to access health information from another patient’s portal. You will be contacted if this is the case.

Parents who are requesting access to their child’s health information through portal proxy should note that there are a few different levels of access. The University of Michigan is dedicated to protecting the information of our patients, and the proxy process was designed to meet state laws and ensure privacy. Parents of children ages 0-10 obtain full access to their child’s information. Parents of children between ages 11-17 obtain limited access to their child’s information. This change happens automatically on the patient’s 11th birthday. Parent proxy access is automatically terminated on a patient’s 18th birthday.

Adults who grant another adult user access to their portal is able to decide if the access is full or limited.

Once you have obtained proxy access to another patient’s portal information, you may ask questions regarding their health using secure messaging. The questions you ask become part of their medical record, so it is important you ask only questions about their health while viewing their information through proxy. This will ensure your questions are routed to the correct provider.   

If you are concerned any of the information listed about you or a family member on MyUofMHealth is incorrect, email or call our Health Information Management Department (HIM) at 734-615-0872 Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.

HIM will work with you and your physician to ensure your medical record is accurate.

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