Michigan Center for Human Athletic Medicine and Performance

There is never a good time for a sports injury, but when one does occur you want the care and expertise that will get you back in the game. MCHAMP brings together more than 30 diverse specialties under one umbrella to provide holistic and comprehensive sports medicine care, and advance sports medicine research and education.

Learn from Our Experts

Our faculty champions have the expertise and resources to provide the best multidisciplinary care across any sport.  Get advice and hear from our patients as they share their knowledge and stories on the Michigan Health Blog.

2 females on the field at Michigan Stadium

First Responders on the Field

Quick action by a MedSport athletic trainer made the difference for an injured high school athlete. 

Read the full article on the Michigan Health Blog:  All in a Day’s Work

Youth Sports safety tips graphic

Advice for Tackling Emergencies

Physicians share advice on how parents and coaches can best handle, and avoid, any curveballs thrown their kid or athlete’s way. Read the full article on the Michigan Health Blog:  Tackling Emergencies: 6 Scenarios Every Parent and Coach Should Prepare for

Simple illustration of athlete wearing heart-shaped medal

How Sports Cardiologists Help Athletes

If you’re an athlete and have concerns about your heart health, a sports cardiologist is the doctor you’ll likely want to see. These physicians have expertise in treating highly active individuals, who may also experience symptoms of potential cardiovascular disease. Read the full article on the Michigan Health Blog: How Sports Cardiologists Help Athletes Train and Play Safely|

Uniting Patient Care and Research Advancements

MCHAMP offers a collaborative team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of sports injury across all types of sports. Our sports injury prevention and rehabilitation programs:

  • are based in the latest research
  • are individualized for every patient’s care plan
  • offer access to available clinical trials based on qualifications

Our sports medicine providers are team physicians and/or consultants for more than 52 teams and organizations including:

  • high schools across the state of Michigan
  • colleges like University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University athletic departments
  • professional and USA teams
  • national player’s associations

In addition to the treatment of injuries, our experts are working with:

  • health policy makers advocating for safer sports care
  • engineers to improve the design of sports equipment
  • industry partners to keep all athletes at peak performance while reducing risk and injury

Updates in Sports Medicine Research

Sports After a COVID-19 Infection

New recommendations from the American College of Cardiology’s section on sports and exercise cardiology address resuming activity after a case of COVID-19.  Read the full article on the Michigan Health Lab Blog: Experts Urge Caution on Sports After a COVID-19 Infection

HGH Treatment After ACL Injury

A new study finds the use of HGH treatment in patients that have undergone ACL reconstructive surgery may prevent the loss of muscle strength and weakness.  Read the full article on the Michigan Health Lab Blog: Human Growth Hormone Treatment After ACL Injury May Prevent Loss of Muscle Strength

Exercise after Concussion

After sustaining a concussion, traditional treatment guidelines recommend strict rest, but a Michigan Medicine physician-researcher is challenging that concept with research that may advise otherwise.  Read the full article on the Michigan Health Lab Blog: Study Suggests Exercise After Concussion Improves Recovery

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If this is a medical emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

If you are seeking care for a current injury, call our Care Coordinator at 734-615-7468.