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For the Athlete in All of Us

There is never a good time for a sports injury to strike, but when one does occur you want the care and expertise that will get you back in the game.  MCHAMP brings together the expertise of more than 30 departments from across Michigan Medicine and the University of Michigan to advance sports medicine care, research and education. Learn more about MCHAMP.

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Learn from Our Experts

Click on the links to read the full versions of the stories below on the Michigan Health Blog.

Ray Dries, former University of Michigan hockey player, at Yost Ice arena wearing a Michigan jersey & holding a hockey stick

Taking Concussion Risks Seriously

After sustaining multiple blows to the head during his college hockey career, this Wolverine found himself struggling more and more with memory and coordination and balance issues. He returns to campus decades later for specialized neurological help. Read the full article on the Michigan Health Blog: A Former U-M Hockey Player’s Advice: ‘Take Concussion Risk Seriously 


Trainers working on the legs of runners

3 Ways Athletic Trainers Help Competitors

All athletic trainers follow three key tenets: prevention, protection and rehabilitation. Common scenarios where athletic trainers can help include: On the playing field or court, after orthopaedic surgery, and when a concussion lingers. Read the full article on the Michigan Health Blog: 3 Ways Athletic Trainers Help Competitors Perform Their Best.

Simple illustration of athlete wearing heart-shaped medal

How Sports Cardiologists Help Athletes

If you’re an athlete and have concerns about your heart health, a sports cardiologist is the doctor you’ll likely want to see. These physicians have expertise in treating highly active individuals, who may also experience symptoms of potential cardiovascular disease. Read the full article on the Michigan Health Blog: How Sports Cardiologists Help Athletes Train and Play Safely.


Uniting Patient Care and Research Advancements

MCHAMP offers a collaborative team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of sports injury across all types of sports. Our sports and injury prevention programs:

  • are based in the latest research
  • are individualized for every patient’s care plan
  • offer access to available clinical trials based on qualifications

Our sports medicine providers are team physicians and/or consultants for more than 52 teams and organizations including:

  • high schools across the state of Michigan
  • colleges like University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University athletic departments
  • professional and USA teams
  • national player’s associations

In addition to the treatment of injuries, our experts are working with:

  • health policy makers advocating for safer sports care
  • engineers to improve the design of sports equipment
  • other non-clinical partners addressing the need to keep all athletes at peak performance while reducing risk and injury

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