Alcohol and drug use disorder

When you use drugs or alcohol over time, you may feel that you need them to get through the day. You or a loved one may notice that:

  • You need more and more of the substance to get the same effect, or you get less effect from the same amount over time.
  • You have strong cravings for the substance.
  • You aren't able to stop using or to use less of the substance, even if you try.
  • You spend a lot of time getting, using, or recovering from using the substance.
  • You can no longer do your main jobs at work, school, or home.
  • You no longer do things you used to enjoy.
  • You keep using the substance even though it causes health problems or makes them worse. These health problems are different depending on the substance, but they can include:
    • High blood pressure.
    • Stomach or liver problems.
    • Repeated infections.
    • Sleep problems.
    • Loss of appetite.
    • Less interest in sex.

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