How to Stay Connected When You're Apart

Getting Started

Social-distancing rules mean we have to keep our distance from others. These rules help keep us safe. But they can also make us feel isolated. Here are some ways to stay connected during the pandemic.

  • Let others know you're thinking of them.

    You could text, make a call, or set up a video chat. Or send an email or a letter in the mail.

  • Plan to connect ahead of time.

    Find a day and a time that will work best. Then put it on your calendar. Try setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder. Or try scheduling something more routine. Maybe you'll connect with that person every other week at the same time.

  • Schedule an online game night.

    Virtual game night can be every bit as fun as the real thing. Many games have apps or websites that make online play easier. Try playing something new or a familiar favorite. You can also try video calling while you play.

  • Have dinner together—online.

    Here are some ideas for gathering around your virtual table:

    • Have your food ready, set up a video call, and go! No need to coordinate menus. You just bring your meal, and they bring theirs. Get the conversation going by sharing what you each made.
    • Plan to cook the same meal. You can even make it together before you eat. Try video calling while you chop, saute, season, plate, and serve. Stay online and enjoy the meal you made together.
  • Connect in new ways.

    Try doing things online that you used to do in person. Maybe you'll start a book club, watch movies together, or get together for happy hour.

  • Bring celebrations online.

    Pandemic or not, we still have birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, engagements, weddings, holidays, and other things to gather for. Be creative in taking them online. Plan activities as you normally would, and use video conferencing to connect. Have themes for birthdays, plan menus for holidays, and dress up for each occasion.

  • Spend time outside.

    Try going for a socially distanced walk or sitting outside together. Fresh air and a change in scenery can give you space to see each other safely. And being outside can help break up the long stretches of being at home.

  • Create opportunities to share.

    If you like cooking and baking, make extra to share. Or try doing a book, movie, or game swap.

  • Ask others how they're coping with the pandemic.

    Reach out to a friend or family member and ask what's worked for them. You may get some great advice or ideas on healthy ways to express your feelings, reduce stress, and stay positive. You can share ways on how you cope too.


Current as of: November 16, 2020

Author: Healthwise Staff
Medical Review:
JoLynn Montgomery PA - Family Medicine & Heather Quinn MD - Family Medicine

How to Stay Connected When You're Apart