Bone Cancer

Orthopaedic Surgery (Bones and Joints)

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The kind of bone cancer that originates in the bone is more specifically referred to as a sarcoma.

Another kind of bone cancer is caused when cancer that started in an organ (like the liver) spreads into the bone.

Sarcomas are rare and affect less than one percent of adults who have cancer. That means, if you have a sarcoma, you need a hospital that has a dedicated sarcoma program, capable of diagnosing and effectively treating this type of cancer. The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center's Multidisciplinary Sarcoma Clinic cares for more than 250 new patients every year. By contrast, most community-based practices see fewer than 10 patients a year.

Secondary bone cancer is also treated at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center. Since it is not actually bone cancer, but a particular type of cancer that spread into bone, it's treated by whatever clinic specializes in the original cancer.  For more information, please contact the Cancer AnswerLine at 800-865-1125.