Checking In For Your Appointment

Required Health Screen for all Patients and Visitors

Due to extra precautions we are taking to keep our patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, all patients and visitors will be screened for symptoms upon arrival at any of our hospitals or health centers. Save time by completing your required health screen online before arriving for your appointment! The health screen must be completed no more than 24 hours from your scheduled appointment time.

eCheck-In: Michigan Medicine’s Touchless Check-in Experience

Skip the check-in line at your next appointment with our convenient eCheck-In and mobile arrival service.

Our eCheck-In service lets you update your personal and health information, and answer health questionnaires prior to arriving at your appointment.

Steps to eCheck-in

  1. Log into MyUofMHealth on a computer, or use our MyUofMHealth or MyChart mobile app (available on Apple Store or Google Play). You must have a MyUofMHealth Patient Portal account to use our eCheck-In service. Learn how to set up an account.
  2. If you’re using a computer, click the “Visits” icon. If you’re using the MyUofMHealth or MyChart mobile app, click “Appointments.” Then click “eCheck-In” for the appointment you wish to check in for.
  3. You then will have the opportunity to update information or complete questionnaires needed for your appointment. You can save time by updating or providing this information before arriving for your appointment.
  4. You can complete the eCheck-In process up to three days prior to your visit. We suggest starting the eCheck-In process at least one hour before traveling to your appointment to give yourself enough time to gather information and complete all steps.

Mobile Arrival Service

Hand holding cell phone with message on screen reading, "Welcome! We've checked you in. Proceed to the waiting area unless you have more specific instructions from the clinic. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines."

For a fully touchless eCheck-In experience, try our mobile arrival service.

Mobile arrival uses the location features on your smartphone or tablet to detect when you arrive at your clinic and automatically check you in for your appointment. You must have completed the eCheck-In process for your appointment in order for the mobile arrival service to work properly.

To activate the mobile arrival service:

  1. Download the MyUofMHealth mobile app to your mobile device from the Apple Store or Google Play. (If you already have the MyChart app, you can also follow these instructions to use our mobile arrival service on that app.)
  2. Enable location services for the MyUofMHealth mobile app. On Apple / iOS devices, Location Services must be set to “Always.” You may need to access the app’s settings through your mobile device’s Settings app, rather than through the MyUofMHealth mobile app directly.
  3. Enable notifications for the MyUofMHealth mobile app. You may need to check this setting both in the MyUofMHealth mobile app and your mobile device’s Settings app.
  4. Enable appointment arrival for the MyUofMHealth mobile app. Check this setting by going to Account Settings in the MyUofMHealth mobile app and reviewing the Appointment Arrival setting.

Once you arrive at our clinic, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. Follow its instructions to complete your check-in process. Most patients will be able to complete check in and take a seat in the clinic waiting area without needing to visit a receptionist.

If you don’t receive a notification on your mobile device when you arrive or do not wish to enable notifications and location services, you can still use mobile arrival features! To let us know that you’re here:

  • Log in to your MyUofMHealth patient portal account through the mobile app or your web browser.
  • Navigate to view the “Appointment Details” for your visit.
  • Click the “I’m here” button and follow any instructions.
  • If you do not see the “I’m here” button when you log into your account, please visit a receptionist to let us know you are here.

Traditional Check-In Still Available

Traditional on-site check-in services remain available if you do not have a mobile device available to use for mobile arrival, or prefer not to enable location services on your phone. We still recommend completing the rest of the eCheck-In process in advance so you can complete any questionnaires from the comfort of home.