Elina Yamada MD

Assistant Professor
Cardiology, Internal Medicine
Clinical Interests:

Dr. Yamada has been practicing medicine and cardiology for over 20 years. She has expertise in echocardiography which has allowed her to better understand, diagnose and treat cardiac disease. Her clinical and research interests include: cardiology oncology and the relationship between cancer treatment and heart disease; the role of echocardiography in understanding different cardiac pathologies and treatments; mitral valve disease; atrial fibrillation and general cardiology. Dr. Yamada launched the Cardio-Oncology clinic at the UMHS Cardiovascular Center in 2011, after a period of training at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. In this clinic, she evaluates patients who have cancer and are either at risk, or have developed cardiac disease as a complication of cancer treatment. Her goal in this clinic is to prevent, early diagnose and treat cardiac toxicity from cancer treatment, and to optimize underlying heart condition prior to cancer therapy. Dr. Yamada is also interested in helping childhood cancer survivors prevent heart complications from cancer treatment.

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