Medical Services related to Matthew Thomas Lorincz MD, PHD

Concussion and Sports Neurology

The highly skilled team of experts at the Michigan NeuroSport Program addresses all issues of neurological care of athletes with special emphasis on concussion, and are one of only a handful of comprehensive programs in the country dedicated to the neurological concerns of athletes.

Elderly Care (Geriatrics)

The University of Michigan is dedicated to providing exemplary care and services for the older population, and advancing research on the health care issues of older adults.

General Neurology Clinic

If you’ve been trying to get a definitive diagnosis for your neurologic symptoms, you should know that the team of physicians of the General Neurology Clinic, at the University of Michigan Health System, is commonly called upon to interpret tests and diagnose even the most complex symptoms.

Huntington's Disease

The University of Michigan’s Movement Disorders Program is dedicated to providing Huntington's Disease patients with the highest level of comprehensive care available.

Movement Disorders

At the University of Michigan Movement Disorders Program, we have the latest technologies, cutting-edge clinical trials and a committed team of specialists to provide you the best quality of life possible.

Parkinson's Disease

For those with Parkinson’s disease or disorders that mimic Parkinson’s disease, the University of Michigan Health System offers comprehensive care delivered by an internationally recognized medical team, including neurologists that specialize in Movement Disorders.