To fight nasty digestive bugs, U-M scientists set out to build a better gut – using stem cells

If you got hit with any of the ‘intestinal bugs’ that went around this winter, you’ve felt the effects of infectious microbes on your digestive system. But scientists don’t fully understand what’s going on in gut infections like that. Now, a new $6.4 million grant will fuel research based on stem cells to find out.

U-M Health System launches $160M project to improve lab tests for patients in Michigan and beyond

Millions of times a year, UMHS teams test samples of tissue, blood and other bodily fluids for patients of all ages. The results can reveal risks or signs of disease -- or response to treatment -- and help make a major difference in doctors’ decisions. A new $160 million project will give U-M’s clinical testing teams the best possible facilities to work in. It will allow them to continue giving patients and doctors the high-quality test results they seek, faster and with higher reliability.

One Day Closer with Lloyd Carr set for May 9

One of Ann Arbor’s most exciting educational events is back. One Day Closer, sponsored by the Translational Oncology Program, gives faculty, staff, members of the community and families an up-close look at one of the world’s leading cancer research facilities and what its internationally-recognized scientists and colleagues are doing to discover the cure for cancer.

Deaths from fentanyl up sharply in Detroit-Ann Arbor area, prompting warning from U-M experts

So far this year, 58 people have died from drug overdoses involving the prescription painkiller fentanyl in two counties of metropolitan Detroit, according to new data from the medical examiner offices for both counties. The deaths, in the areas that include Ann Arbor and Detroit, mainly involved fentanyl in combination with other drugs -- including other opiate painkillers, and heroin intentionally adulterated with fentanyl.

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