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Take us with you wherever you go. The Michigan Medicine Podcast Network brings together a range of podcasts covering everything from health and wellness news and innovative research to how the field of medical education is changing.

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Michigan Medicine News Break podcast graphic

Michigan Medicine News Break

Michigan Medicine News Break is your destination for news and stories about the future of healthcare. Our daily briefing gives an insider’s perspective on cutting-edge research news, practical health information, and inspiring stories of survival and overcoming incredible odds with the help of the Leaders & Best at Michigan Medicine, one of the nation’s best hospitals and the academic medical center of the University of Michigan. 

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3Ps of Cancer

The 3Ps of Cancer podcast highlights prevention, preparedness and progress in cancer treatments and research. Each episode tackles one of these areas of focus with topics presented by University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center physicians, staff or patients. 

Michigan Answers Podcast

Michigan Answers

The internet has become a top destination for people looking for information about everything from heart healthy recipes to symptoms of a heart attack, and everything in between.

We’re taking these questions and tackling them with help from experts at Michigan Medicine. 

Minding Memory podcast graphic

Minding Memory

Welcome to Minding Memory. In this podcast we discuss topics related to dementia research. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for dementia research, and we have topics for both those new to the space as well as old pros. We start with some basics, but we also invite researchers on to discuss their interesting work to give you a glimpse at the questions, data, and methods moving the field forward.

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Michigan Surgery Sessions

Surgery. It's more than scalpels and sutures. Join hosts from the Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery as they bring you stories about the latest in surgical clinical care, education and more with faculty, residents and medical students. 

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The Wrap

The Wrap is a weekly podcast from Michigan Medicine Headlines, the primary news source for Michigan Medicine’s 26,000 employees. The Wrap runs down each week’s biggest stories from around the organization, covering need-to-know information as well as human interest features highlighting both patients and hard-working employees in an easy-to-listen-to conversational format. Got five minutes? Then you’ve got time to catch up on the latest Michigan Medicine happenings.