Volunteer Placement Supervisors

Volunteer Services Office Closed: Volunteering has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our staff is available via email and will be happy to answer your questions: umhs.volunteer@umich.edu

Every unit which hosts volunteers has a staff member assigned to serve as the Volunteer Placement Supervisor. The Volunteer Supervisor is responsible for orienting and training volunteers on their units, and communicating with Volunteer Services about scheduling.

At the end of each session (semester), all students are removed from the schedules because student volunteers’ schedules change! Volunteer Services conducts "Grace Period" the month before each new semester (April, August, and December) to renew and/or change each returning student volunteer's placement and schedule.

Note: Community volunteers (non-students) remain on your schedule unless they decide to make a change during Grace Period.

Twice a year, Volunteer Services conducts a lunch meeting to update supervisors on processes and answer questions and concerns.

Volunteer Supervisor Resources

The most recent Volunteer Supervisors Meeting was recorded on Oct. 8. 2020, and minutes were taken as well. Here are the links, as well as links for the Volunteer Supervisors Handbook and the SBAR Template Request for Volunteers :

Important Notes:

  • The Annual Update appointment is NOT for renewing your placement - you will do that during your Grace Period appointment.
  • Students: Please do not schedule your Annual Update Appointment until you have a confirmed placement for the upcoming volunteer Session.

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