Volunteer Placement Supervisors

July 2022 Update: The Spring/Summer session application for new, general volunteers is now closed. Applications for the fall session will open August 1. Volunteer Services continues to accept applications for pre-approved volunteers.

Every unit which hosts volunteers has a staff member assigned to serve as the Volunteer Placement Supervisor. The Volunteer Supervisor is responsible for orienting and training volunteers on their units and serving as liaison with the Volunteer Services department.

Twice a year, Volunteer Services conducts a meeting to update supervisors on processes and answer questions and concerns.

Important notes:

At the end of each session (semester), all student volunteers are removed from the schedules. Volunteer Services conducts a "Grace Period" one month before each new semester (April, August, and December) to renew and/or change student volunteer placements and schedules.

Community volunteers (non-students) remain on the schedule unless they decide to make a change during Grace Period.

Volunteer Supervisor Resources

Below are links to the Volunteer Supervisors Handbook and the SBAR Template Request for Volunteers (Level-2 access required):

This section is currently under construction. Please contact Volunteer Services at umhs-volunteer@med.umich.edu for copies of the Volunteer Placement Supervisors Handbook, SBAR Template Request for Volunteer Support, or Volunteer Position Description Template.