Returning Volunteers

Volunteer Services Office Closed: Volunteering has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our staff is available via email and will be happy to answer your questions:

If you have been an active volunteer at Michigan Medicine within the past 2 years (includes Students, Community, and Teen volunteers), you are considered a "Returning Volunteer" and you do not need to re-apply to continue volunteering. Any volunteer who has been inactive more than 2 years must reapply. (See procedures for New Volunteers.)

Next Steps for Returning Volunteers

Choose an action below to:

Change Your Placement or Shift During the Grace Period

A "Grace Period" is available for you to schedule your placement or shift time with Volunteer Services before new volunteers are placed. The Grace Period is offered 3 times per year, typically for a 3-week period before the new session begins (April, August, December). Please Note: Once the Grace Period is over, we cannot guarantee a placement for you.

Current and returning volunteers (active within the past 2 years) must schedule an appointment with Volunteer Services to change your placement or shift. Your appointment can be either in person or by phone.

Keep Your Same Placement and Shift

Choose which volunteer category you belong in below to determine if you need to schedule a Grace Period Appointment to confirm your placement and shift:

  • High School Teens (Ages 16-18) who volunteered previously and have not yet started college:
    Need to schedule a Grace Period Appointment? Yes. Schedule your appointment via the link below, under "Schedule a Grace Period Appointment." Teens are accepted summers only, for the June through August session.
  • College and Graduate Students:
    Need to schedule a Grace Period Appointment? Yes. Schedule your appointment via the link below, under "Schedule a Grace Period Appointment" for the upcoming session (semester/term) in order to continue volunteering.
  • Community Members/ UM Employees (non-students):
    Need to schedule a Grace Period Appointment? No. Non-students may remain in their scheduled placement indefinitely, unless or until you want to make a change. Changes to your schedule may be made during the Grace Period only, and you should schedule an appointment following the information under Schedule an Appointment below.

Schedule a Grace Period Appointment

To schedule your Grace Period appointment to review your placement options and schedule your shift for the upcoming session, visit the Volunteer Scheduling page.

Grace Period Appointments will be available as follows when the link opens:

Monday - Friday

  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Students: Please have your confirmed class schedule available for your appointment. We will also need your new address if it has changed.

Phone Appointments: Your Volunteer Coordinator will call you at the appointed time

Schedule an Annual Update Appointment to Renew Your Volunteer Credentials

Each year, volunteers continuing their service must schedule an Annual Update Appointment to renew their credentials. Your Annual Update Appointment should be scheduled within 30 days prior to your ID badge’s expiration (noted on the front of your Volunteer ID badge). Your Update appointment will be at the Volunteer Services office.

The Annual Update Appointment includes:

  • Renewing your ID Badge
  • Completing another health screening (TB skin test and flu shot during flu season)
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Signing the Code of Conduct Attestation
  • Completing the Orientation refresher
  • Updating personal information (addresses, emergency contacts, etc.), and
  • Signing the Memorandum of Understanding

The Annual Update Appointment can be scheduled online via the Annual Update Appointment Scheduler

  • Select an appointment date that falls WITHIN 30 days prior to your ID's expiration.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your appointment. Instructions for and directions to your appointment are included.
  • Complete all documents attached in the email and bring them to your appointment.
  • Bring your Mcard and Drivers’ License (or state-issued ID),

Important Notes:

  • The Annual Update appointment is NOT for renewing your placement — you will do that during your Grace Period appointment.
  • Students: Please do not schedule your Annual Update Appointment until you have a confirmed placement for the upcoming volunteer Session.


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