Pre-approved Volunteers

July 2022 Update: The Spring/Summer session application for new, general volunteers is now closed. Applications for the fall session will open August 1. Volunteer Services continues to accept applications for pre-approved volunteers. See the link below for more information about the pre-approved volunteer application process. 

All volunteers in the health system are screened through the Volunteer Services department. 

Definition of Volunteer: Any person 18 years of age or older who donates services without receiving monetary compensation or academic credit within the University of Michigan Health System and its programs. (SPG-UMHHC Policy 01-05-001) 

Applications for prospective volunteers who are Pre-Approved by a department, unit, lab, clinic, research area, or placement supervisor must be submitted to Volunteer Services for processing before the applicant can begin his/her volunteer service. 

Typically, prospective volunteers are referred by a placement supervisor or volunteer positions are posted by individual departments, and the applicant is pre-screened by the supervisor and accepted as a volunteer. Volunteer Services does not recruit for, nor determine the appropriateness of, the volunteer for the position. Review the Michigan Medicine volunteer requirements on the New Volunteers page.

Information for Pre-Approved Volunteers

Volunteer Services Support

  • Registers volunteer in the UMHS system
  • Issues Michigan Medicine volunteer ID badge
  • Issues volunteer uniform (if applicable)
  • Coordinates health screening with Occupational Health Services
  • Obtains signed Code of Conduct Attestation (HIPAA) form
  • Conducts criminal background records checks
  • Confirms eligibility of applicants with visas with Immigration Compliance department
  • Provides orientation to Michigan Medicine
  • Documents volunteer schedule and hours served as provided by volunteer
  • Updates volunteer information and certifications annually

Pre-Approved Volunteer Application Procedure

Step 1: Supervisor supplies volunteer with placement information for the application including:

  • Department Name
  • Department Head
  • Pre-Approved Placement
  • Department Campus Address
  • Department Phone
  • Pre-Approved Placement Supervisor’s Name
  • Pre-Approved Placement Supervisor’s Email Address
  • Pre-Approved Placement Supervisor’s Phone Number
  • Volunteer’s Work Location (Building and Room)
  • A Description of the Volunteer’s Duties – Please be specific if there will be patient contact or not
  • Visa holders: Please be sure to have a copy of your Visa and supporting documentation (such as an I-20 or I-94) on hand.

Step 2: Volunteer completes the application (see Item 9) and submits it to Volunteer Services.

Step 3: Applications must be resubmitted if applicants do not respond to Volunteer Services within 30 days.

Step 4: The duration of the volunteer assignment must be a minimum of 1 month and must be renewed 30 days prior to the completion of 1 year.

Step 5: Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years of age or older.

Step 6: The volunteer records hours of service through the volunteer portal by checking in and out of each shift.

Step 7: Volunteers working in a lab must complete OSEH training (coordinated by the placement).

Step 8: Volunteers in the U.S. on a visa must be approved for volunteering by the Immigration Compliance department.

Step 9: Access the online application.