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Thank you for visiting our Quality & Safety website, where we present a broad range of information and data about:

Since early 2011, we have offered this site as a service to our current and potential patients and their families, to the companies and agencies that pay for much of their care, and to the physicians who are evaluating us as a potential partner for referrals.

We update most measures on the site at least once a year, using data drawn from a number of sources throughout our institution. Much of the data were last updated in September, 2012.

Some of these data are also available on other sites such as:

But we go far beyond what those sites provide,  including data from national and regional benchmarking systems that are not public. For example, we give data on heart surgery and esophageal surgery from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and infection rate information from the National Healthcare Safety Network.

Below, you can find a list of all the measures to be found on this site. You can also use the navigation menu at left to reach those pages.

The site is maintained by a team made up of staff from two areas of UMHS: The Office of Clinical Affairs and the Public Relations & Marketing Communications department.

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To comment on this site, ask a question, or make a suggestion, use the link at left and fill out the webform. Please note that we cannot give medical advice. If you work at UMHS and would like to suggest a metric from your area of care that might be suitable to add to this site, please use the webform too.


Here is a list of all the types of measures found on this site, with links to the pages where they may be found.

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