PFCC - A UMHS Commitment

There has been a shift over the past ten years to understand why providing patient and family centered care is critical to addressing challenges in our current health care system - challenges including continuity of care and care transitions, patients and families understanding their illness and treatment plans, and engaging patients and families in shared decision-making.

During the fall of 2009, UMHS embarked on a strategic planning process to envision the future of the health system’s clinical, research and educational missions. A goal that emerged from the process is to create the ideal patient care experience across UMHS.

• We will have the care we need when we need it • We will be safe in the care system
• Our choices and preferences will be sought and honored • Our care will be confidential yet transparent
• We will know what we wish to know, when we wish to know it • Our care needs will be anticipated
• We will have consistent care based on best practices • Our care will not waste our time or money
 • Our voices will be heard  We will never feel lost

Many studies have shown that the patients with the skills, ability, and willingness to manage their own health and health care, experience better health outcomes at lower cost.

Understanding patient and family expectations will help us to better communicate, engage, and partner with patients and families resulting in higher quality, safer care and higher patient and family satisfaction.

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