PFCC Partners

In keeping with our three-part mission - to provide excellence and leadership in patient care/service, research, and education - the PFCC Program has formed partnerships in all of these areas.

Patient Care/Service

Customer Performance Metrics and Improvement

The Customer Performance Metrics and Improvement Department generates reports and data that help UMHS identify opportunities for improvement, and guide decisions and efforts towards the ideal patient and employee experiences.

Both PFCC and Service Excellence are about relationships: PFCC engages the patient and family in their care planning and decision-making while also partnering with them to promote higher quality and safer care. Service Excellence builds trust through effective communication and by saying the right thing right the first time and every time.

Volunteer Services

With over 2,000 active volunteers at UMHS, the generosity and spirit of giving is an essential component in the healing process. Our volunteers change people's lives, and their lives are changed forever as well.


Family Centered Experience

The Family Centered Experience (FCE) program is a required course in the University of Michigan Medical School curriculum. Through FCE, first- and second-year students engage in understanding the personal side of medicine through encounters with patients and their families.


MICHR (Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research)    

MICHR enables and enhances clinical & translational research at UM and across the CTSA consortium. We do this by being a catalytic partner who educates, funds, connects, and supports research teams at UM and beyond. 

CHEAR (Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit)

The objective of this program is to conduct studies on the development, assessment, refinement, enhancement and testing of quality measures as directed by the Agency for HealthCare Quality and Research. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the CHEAR Unit addresses the most pressing child health issues of the day.