Meet the Staff

Katherine Balzer: PFCC

Kate Balzer, MSW
Project Coordinator • 734-764-1202

“To me, PFCC is about partnership. As a patient or family member, it is incredibly empowering to know that your healthcare providers value you as a partner, central to the discussion and decisions around your care. I am excited to work with the PFCC team, patients, families, and UMHS providers to improve their healthcare experience and outcomes!”


image of PFCC volunteer coordinator

Melissa Cunningham,
Program Volunteer Coordinator, Adult Services • 734-764-5299

“It is an honor to work at the UMHS where I have found staff and faculty to be open to positive change and passionate about the care their patients receive. The Patient and Family Advisors who volunteer for the PFCC Program donate their time and energy to make UMHS the best it can be for future patients and family members, and they inspire me in my work.” 


Molly Dwyer-White

Molly C. Dwyer-White,
Program Manager for Adult Services  • 734-232-0259

“I am most excited about the ability to work with and for patients and families, impacting their care experience and hopefully help improve health outcomes. I can’t think of any more rewarding work!”


image of PFCC volunteer coordinator, womens

Shelly Fox,
Program Volunteer Coordinator, Pediatric, Women’s & Psychiatric Services • 734-232-5627

“PFCC to me means that the patient and family's needs and priorities for their health care will be heard by our health care team who will respect and value them as an active participant in their healing process. Empowering patients and families to be confident, comfortable and engaged in their healthcare will foster a true collaboration of the patient and family ideal hospital experience.”  


image of PFCC Prgm Mgr

Julie Piazza,
Project Manager, Pediatric & Women’s Services and Community Partners • 734-232-5629

“Coping with challenging experiences begins with trusting relationships. By bringing the patient and family voice to the forefront of the healthcare experience, we can ensure that we honor the individual needs of each patient and family. PFCC enables us to join hands and create true partnerships resulting in safer and more supported experiences at UMHS.”