Free Patient Websites and Blogs to Update Family and Friends

Share your story. Offer support. offers free Web sites and patient blogs, connecting friends and family during a health challenge. The University of Michigan Health System has partnered with CarePages to make it easier for our patients and their families to communicate with their loved ones. All you need is an e-mail address to register and get started!

Using, you can:

  • Post and receive condition updates - keep family and friends up-to-date with current information about a patient's condition.
  • Post and receive messages - loved ones may leave messages for the patient - and each other - regardless of time or geographic location.
  • Share patient information - the personal and secure CarePages contains important contact information and University of Michigan Health System visiting hours.
  • Order gifts and make donations - our links to online retailers make it easier to purchase flowers and gifts, or make a charitable donation in the patient's name.


How does CarePages work?

Like many other networking sites, CarePages asks for your name and e-mail address before asking you to create a password. Filling out the on-line form is quick and easy. Once you have signed in, you have the option to create your own Web site. You can also visit other members' Web sites.

What types of features does CarePages have?

In addition to creating and/or viewing personal Web sites, there is a section of the CarePages site called " Learn" where you can read "Stories of Inspiration," get "Tips," read "Articles," or visit the "Resource Center."

CarePages also has a section called "Connect" which provides links to patient blogs as well as these discussion forums:

  • Living with Cancer
  • Caregiving
  • Take Care of Your Emotional Health
  • Foundations and Causes
  • Health Conditions
  • Inspiration
  • Parenting Discussion
  • Prayer Requests
  • Spirituality

Finally, the "Support" section of the CarePages site offers the opportunity to browse an on-line gift shop.

Give it a try!

Visit and take a look around and try it out. Even if you don't set up your own web page, you'll have access to support from across the country.