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With, you can view important pieces of your health information. Under the “My Medical Record” tab on, you can see pieces of your medical records, including test results, current medications, listed allergies, and immunization history from August 15, 2012 or later.

Under “Health Summary,” you will see health issues noted by your care team during previous visits. Selecting a listed health issue presents you with more information. We also recommend reading material on Under “Medical History,” you will see previous diagnoses, surgical history and listed family history. All pages can be quickly and easily exported using the printer button in the upper right hand corner, allowing you to take them with you while traveling, at office visits, or as informal records for things like children’s camps.

If you are concerned any of the information listed about you on is incorrect, you may email or call our Health Information Management Department (HIM) at 734-615-0872 Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.

HIM will work with you and your physician to ensure your medical record is accurate.

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