Sleep Clinic and Testing Lab at Domino's Farms


The U-M Sleep Disorders Center has expanded its ability to diagnose and care for all kinds of sleep problems – including those that can create risks during and after all types of surgery by opening this new sleep clinic and testing laboratory at Domino's Farms in northeast Ann Arbor.

The new location has eight bedrooms that offer a comfortable hotel-like setting, and advanced equipment, for overnight and daytime sleep testing. Near the bedrooms is a separate clinic area for patients with daytime appointments to see U-M physicians and other clinicians who specialize in sleep medicine. There will also be space where U-M’s MedEQUIP specialists can fit patients with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines to help them breathe at night and overcome the symptoms of sleep apnea. Sleep patients face a higher risk of respiratory emergencies when they have surgery and general anesthesia, especially if their sleep apnea has not been diagnosed or treated. To help with this the clinic will focus special attention on patients who are scheduled to have surgery, and who have signs of sleep apnea. The site will even offer “fast track” access to patients seen by U-M anesthesiologists in their pre-surgery clinic also at Domino’s Farms. They will be able to screen patients for sleep apnea during their pre-surgery visits, and refer them for diagnostic testing, sleep specialist consultation, and CPAP fitting within days.  


Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.