Medical Services related to Kevin Chi Chung MD

Brachial Plexus (Pediatric)

At the Brachial Plexus Program at the University of Michigan, we offer a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensively treat brachial plexus palsy, utilizing a dedicated team to assess your child's needs and recommend a treatment plan with just a single visit.

Dupuytren’s Disease / Dupuytren's Contracture

Dupuytren's disease (or Dupuytren's Contracture) is the name of a condition in which the fingers are permanently pulled toward the palm because of a shortening, thickening, and excess of the connective tissue in the palm of the hand. 

Hand Surgery

The team of specialists who performs hand surgery at the University of Michigan Health System is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for a variety of hand problems. Beginning with your initial consultation, and concluding with your last visit, our team strives to make your experience a positive one.

Hand, Wrist or Elbow

Hand, wrist or elbow pain can come from trauma (such as from a fall), arthritis or even overuse, and can stop you from doing many of your daily activities. Our team of surgeons, therapists and nurses at the University of Michigan Health System are specially trained to treat all forms of hand, wrist and elbow problems with a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Plastic Surgery

The University of Michigan’s section of Plastic Surgery is a nationally recognized leader in cosmetic, reconstructive and pediatric plastic surgery. 

Scleroderma Program

The University of Michigan Scleroderma Program is a multidisciplinary group of care givers, scientists and clinical researchers dedicated to advancing knowledge about scleroderma and related conditions.