Medical Services related to Oren Sagher MD

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for primary care visits. Most people at some point in their lives will experience some form of back pain. Back pain can be mild or severe, pass quickly or last long enough to significantly impact your quality of life. 

Brain Cancer and Tumors

The Neuro-oncology Program at the University of Michigan gives patients the best options for fighting brain cancer, by combining comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment, the expertise of our Brain Tumor Board and discovery of new approaches, including the latest minimally invasive techniques.


The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer care, cutting-edge treatment, plus new therapies and clinical trials through our multidisciplinary cancer clinics.


The University of Michigan Health System Movement Disorders Program offers sophisticated treatments for dystonia, with care delivered by experienced neurologists who are specially trained in movement disorders and treat only these conditions.

Epilepsy & Seizures

Michigan Comprehensive Epilepsy  Program provides the highest level of medical and surgical diagnostic and treatment options for epilepsy patients. Our team of highly skilled specialists evaluates, diagnoses and treats anyone who has suffered from seizures.

Epilepsy Surgery

Surgery for epilepsy may be an option when medications do not control seizures, a condition known as medically refractory epilepsy or drug-resistant epilepsy. The goal of epilepsy surgery is to eliminate seizures or limit their severity with or without the use of medications. There are two surgical categories: diagnostic and therapeutic.

Movement Disorders

At the University of Michigan Movement Disorders Program, we have the latest technologies, cutting-edge clinical trials and a committed team of specialists to provide you the best quality of life possible.

Parkinson's Disease

For those with Parkinson’s disease or disorders that mimic Parkinson’s disease, the University of Michigan Health System offers comprehensive care delivered by an internationally recognized medical team, including neurologists that specialize in Movement Disorders.

Parkinson’s Disease and You Symposium

The Parkinson’s Disease & You Symposium, which started in 2009, is an all-day annual event that attracts people from throughout Michigan and Ohio, regardless of where they receive care. At the Parkinson’s & You Symposium, you can receive up-to-date information given by leaders in the field and connect with other people and families who are living with the condition.

Vertebral Body Compression Fracture

The vertebral body is the weight-supporting, solid central part of a vertebra (any of 33 bones of the spinal column). A vertebral body compression fracture is when a break collapses one or more vertebrae of the spine. Vertebral compression fractures are often linked to osteoporosis or thinning of the bone tissue over time. Such fractures may also be caused by trauma.