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A nuclear threat to heart patients? U-M experts show impact from shortage of radioactive stress test tracer

Nearly 15 million times a year, Americans with heart trouble climb onto a treadmill to take a stress test that can reveal blockages in their heart’s blood vessels. It’s a major factor in deciding what doctors should do next for them. But in October, many such patients may not be able to get the best possible test, due to a looming shortage of a crucial short-lived radioactive element

Four paths to the end of life -- one far more expensive than others -- emerge in new Medicare study

Last-ditch, high-tech heroic treatments. Days in the hospital intensive care unit. You might think this is what makes dying in America so expensive – and that it’s where we should focus efforts to spend the nation’s healthcare dollars more wisely. But a new study finds that for nearly half of older Americans, the pattern of high spending on healthcare was already in motion a full year before they died.

Paradox lost: Speedier heart attack treatment does save more lives after all, study suggests

A national effort to shave minutes off emergency heart attack treatment time has increased the chance that each patient will survive, a new study suggests. But yet the survival rate for all patients put together hasn’t budged. It seems like a paradox. But wait, say they authors of the new report: the paradox vanishes with more detailed analysis of exactly who has been getting this treatment.