U-M Health System reaches contract agreement with U-M Professional Nurse Council

The U-M Health System is pleased to announce the results of voting by members of the U-M Professional Nurse Council/Michigan Nurses Association. According to information released by UMPNC/MNA, the members have voted affirmatively on a new contract to succeed the previous one that was ratified in 2008 and expired on June 30, 2011.

More than 4,000 U-M nurses are covered by the new agreement. This includes staff nurses, advanced practice nurses (clinical nurse specialists, educational nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists and certified nurse midwives) at U-M Hospitals and Health Centers.

Highlights of the new, three-year agreement, expiring June 30, 2014 include a competitive wage program; a phasing in of changes in health insurance premium changes starting in 2013; revisions to retirement eligibility in 2014; some modifications to how overtime pay is calculated; and a revised extended sick time/PTO program for an overall cost increase to the health system of about 3.5% per year. Agreements were also reached on numerous other issues.

Since bargaining began in April 2011, both sides have met more than 50 times and have sought the assistance from a State Mediator and Fact Finder. Throughout contract bargaining, both sides have worked together through good faith negotiations to come to a mutual agreement on a number of important issues. Hospital operations continued as normal during negotiations.

We value our nurses highly, as they play a crucial role in the quality and safety of care we provide at UMHS. UMHS is pleased that we have come to this agreement. We look forward to continuing to recruit and retain the highest caliber nurses in the country.


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