U-M Health: Rising COVID-19 hospitalizations include more children in this surge, strain resources

As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations for kids and adults hit record levels in the latest Omicron surge, leaders at University of Michigan Health, Michigan Medicine, say the overwhelming strain on resources has led to delays in lifesaving surgeries. U-M Health is also instituting a two-week pause on any visitors to its adult hospitals effective Jan. 12.

Inspiration, hope and a song

close up of medical person in PPE with green patterned scrub hat

A collaboration between nurses, frontline workers and musical theatre students tells the story of endurance and making a difference.

Heart-safe snow shoveling

overweight man shoveling snow in winter with big coat outside

Before you head outside with your shovel, brush up on these tips to keep your heart safe out in the snow.

Is Omicron really mild?

woman mask holding covid test

With the ballooning cases of COVID worldwide, an expert looks at what is known about the Omicron variant.

Size matters in microbiome studies

lab notes general image of stethoscope drawn in blue ink on lined paper

The size of a microbiome sample from rectal swabs varies from patient to patient and can predict infection risk.

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