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Biomedical researcher named director of program development at NCRC

Professor of Pathology, Internal Medicine takes on new role

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — A leading biomedical researcher at the University of Michigan has stepped into a new role at the University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex.

Colin Duckett, Ph.D., professor of Pathology and Internal Medicine, starts Feb. 1 as the Director of Program Development for NCRC.

Duckett will be responsible for the establishment of research teams and support infrastructure at the NCRC that will expand the scope of the NCRC as a vibrant home for academic and private-sector research and partnerships, says David Canter, M.B., Ch.B, Executive Director, North Campus Research Complex.

Duckett will coordinate with Deans, Department Chairs and Principal Investigators to build teams of researchers spanning numerous scientific disciplines within the University with the goal of establishing a unique environment for truly groundbreaking basic and translational research.

His appointment was announced Jan. 31 by Canter, and Steven L. Kunkel, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research for the University of Michigan Medical School.

Duckett has a background in HIV, immunology and cancer research. He was recruited to U-M from the National Cancer Institute in 2002 through the prestigious Biological Sciences Scholars Program.

He has published prolifically in respected scientific journals, has been continuously funded by federal and non-federal agencies, and has served on numerous review panels and editorial boards. Duckett also has consulted and served on the scientific advisory boards of several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and was a serving member of the Defense Science Study Group, a two-year program in which participants focus on defense policy, related research and development, and the systems and operations of the armed forces.

He also holds several additional leadership positions within the University: Director of the Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Program, Co-Director of the Cancer Cell Biology Program within the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Associate Director of the recently-formed Cancer Cell Biology Graduate Program. Duckett has also recently served on the Advisory Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Tenure and as a consultant for the Office of the Vice President for Research.

“We are delighted that Colin has accepted this role, which will be crucial for the next development phase of the NCRC,” says Canter. “His outstanding scientific reputation and leadership skills will prove to be invaluable as we continue to integrate the remarkable opportunity for innovation and collaboration afforded by the NCRC with those of our superb existing research programs within the University.”

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