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Protect yourself from heat-related illness at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

U-M doctors urge fairgoers to take precautions

Photo Credit: Michigan Municipal League via Flickr

With temperatures forecast to climb into the upper 90s during this week’s Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, doctors at the University of Michigan Health System urge the public to take precautions to prevent heat-related illness.

“During the Art Fair, as at any other time, our Emergency Department will be fully prepared to treat any cases of heat-related illness that come in – but we hope to keep that number to a bare minimum by encouraging visitors to take precautions,” says Steven Kronick, M.D., M.S., Associate Service Chief of the U-M Department of Emergency Medicine.

Here are some tips for protecting yourself and your loved ones:

  • Hydration can’t be emphasized enough. Drink lots of fluids, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol – they will cause further dehydration.
  • Parents also need to be vigilant about making sure children drink plenty of fluids.
  • Limit your time in the heat and sun. Take breaks inside air-conditioned establishments.
  • Know your body and trust your limits. Don’t ignore your body’s warning signs: dizziness, nausea, feeling faint. Seek cool shelter and/or help immediately.
  • Parents should also be watchful for signs of heat-related illness in children. Children who are cramping, nauseated, listless or overly cranky need to get out of the heat and get hydrated immediately.
  • Avoid peak heat times if possible – limit your time outside to cooler hours in the morning and evening.
  • Those with chronic medical conditions should consider avoiding the heat and crowds altogether or strictly limiting their exposure.
  • Parents should also consider leaving infants and small children at home.

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