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University of Michigan Health Now Offers Virtual Urgent Care in Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to surge in the State of Michigan, University of Michigan Health Virtual Urgent Care offers patients a safe and reliable way to receive care from the comfort of their homes. And now, these visits are available to all University of Michigan Health patients 18 and over for urgent care symptoms one might normally visit a primary care provider or urgent care clinic for.

“We are proud to announce this option of virtual urgent care for our patients, giving them next-day – or even same-day – access to appointments when they might not be able to make an appointment with their primary care provider,” said Julia Chen, M.D., a primary care physician at Michigan Medicine. “This also provides continuity of care, in that the practitioners have access to their patients’ medical records and histories. This allows them to see what medications an individual is on, for example, as well as other important information.”

Virtual Urgent Care offers two convenient options for patients: video visits and e-visits. A virtual urgent care video visit is a real time interaction with a U-M health care provider using Zoom. An e-visit is a way to connect with a U-M provider, just like email. There is no appointment or phone call needed for an e-visit. And existing University of Michigan Health patients can easily submit an e-visit request at any time, day or night, through their existing patient portal account and expect a response the same or next day. E-visits are also available for existing University of Michigan Health pediatric patients; parents can submit an e-visit to receive a treatment plan for their child. COVID-19 testing can also be ordered through an e-visit or video visit, if appropriate.

“Previously, we only offered ‘urgent’ care video visits for COVID-related symptoms,” said Jessie DeVito, MHSA, who serves as the virtual care operations director for U-M Medical Group. “But now, patients can schedule an urgent care video visit for a number of other symptoms, providing increased access to our patients. They can submit an e-visit instead if that option is more convenient for them.”

Urgent care video visits and e-visits are now available for U-M Health patients with any of the following symptoms and/or others that are not listed:

  • Cough, flu or COVID-19 like symptoms;
  • Sinus issues;
  • Red eye;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Insect bites and stings;
  • Head lice;
  • Rash;
  • Painful urination; and/or
  • Vaginal discharge or irritation.

“This care option is all about increasing patient convenience,” added DeVito. “Patients seeking an urgent care e-visit can complete a brief questionnaire within their portal and then our health care providers will review the information and send a treatment plan in response. No phone calls are necessary, and this service is available seven days a week.”

“Increasingly, we are doing things online and in the virtual world as a society. From things like banking to other types of appointments,” said Chen. “So, this is a continuation of that into the health care space. Virtual urgent care allows patients to access a medical professional and receive the care that they need in their own space, on their own schedules and without the pressure of arranging transportation and/or making childcare arrangements.”

Due to limited supply, COVID-19 antiviral medications and/or monoclonal antibody treatments cannot be ordered through Virtual Urgent Care. Patients who know they have COVID-19 and are seeking medication or antibodies should reach out to their primary care provider.   

For more information about the e-visits and video visits offered at U-M Health, please click here. Patients can log on to their MyUofMHealth Patient Portal to view the types of Virtual Urgent Care services available to them by selecting Virtual Urgent Care from the Menu.

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