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Latest on COVID-19: Physician encourages continued social distancing, says most people don’t need hospital care for COVID-19

“I know this is a time of high anxiety and we’re all worried about getting sick,” says Marie Lozon, M.D., a pediatric emergency physician and leader in Michigan Medicine’s emergency response team. “The good news is that most people who contract COVID-19 don’t need hospital care. They can be cared for at home.”

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As this unprecedented situation continues to evolve, Lozon shares three steps to take if you’re concerned that you may have COVID-19:

  1. Consider whether you have these symptoms: fever, cough and difficulty breathing.
  2. If you do have symptoms, contact your primary care provider, who would know how best to direct you.
  3. If you have difficulty breathing or are unable to breathe, that may require a visit to the Emergency Department.

And how should you know if you’re still doing the right things during this difficult time? Lozon reminds us to continue to follow these three steps:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Good handwashing
  3. Staying at home

 “If you’re doing those things, you’re doing all you can do to weather this pandemic, and we thank you,” Lozon says.

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