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New name for University of Michigan academic medical center: Michigan Medicine

Name change better reflects three-part mission: patient care, medical education and health care research

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan Medicine is the new name of the University of Michigan’s academic medical center, a change that better reflects our three-part mission of patient care, education and research.

The new name, which takes effect today, also reflects recent organizational changes, including the appointment of a single leader for both the U-M Medical School and Medical Affairs for the University of Michigan. Marschall S. Runge, M.D., Ph.D., serves in the combined role.

“Becoming Michigan Medicine is more than a name change. This new name reflects a growing trend among world-class academic medical centers to showcase the integration of their missions: medical education, health care research and patient care,” said Runge, dean of the University of Michigan Medical School, executive vice president for medical affairs and CEO of Michigan Medicine.

“We remain committed to extraordinary patient care, world-class medical education, being an employer of choice for faculty and staff, and moving groundbreaking research from bench to bedside in order to save and improve lives.”

The U-M Medical School name will not change, but the school is a part of Michigan Medicine.

When the University of Michigan Board of Regents approved the combined role for Runge in September, U-M leaders stressed that putting Runge in charge of both the medical school and hospital operations would increase collaboration between academic, research and health care professionals in the academic medical center.

The new name change is a natural follow up to these efforts, Runge said, adding that recruiting the best faculty and successfully attracting research dollars is key to delivering cutting-edge health care. Making sure our institution allows for seamless, integrative collaboration is key to the future.

“We expect Michigan Medicine will help generate a better understanding of the strengths of our academic medical center and will energize all our faculty and staff,” Runge said.

“Patients should only see better patient care as we minimize operational redundancies and increase greater cohesiveness between units. We will be better poised for success going forward.”

“Under our new name, Michigan Medicine, we will continue our longstanding tradition of breaking new ground in health care research, education and patient care that impacts people across the globe,” Runge added.

“Our referring and partner providers can expect improvements in our extraordinary care, which remains our top commitment to all of our patients. And we will continue to provide our highly-rated training to tomorrow’s physicians, exposing them to groundbreaking care and research.”

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