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U-M earns an ‘A’ for patient safety

Leapfrog Group's Hospital Safety Score gives UMHS top marks for seventh time in a row

The University of Michigan Health System is among the best nationwide in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors, according to a national safety rating system.

For seven consecutive rating periods, UMHS’ patient care has earned an “A” on the Leapfrog Group national report card for patient safety.

The Leapfrog Group issued the Fall 2015 Hospital Safety Score this week, to give patients a quick way to understand how well health care institutions are doing on a broad range of safety measures.

The 28 safety measures include:

  • Identification and mitigation of risks and hazards
  • ICU physician staffing
  • Hand hygiene
  • Antibiotic selection

Out of the more than 2,500 hospitals that participated in this round, 31 percent or 773 received an “A”. Only 19 Michigan hospitals out of 80 earned an A.

UMHS performs better than average on many measures, including the amount of collapsed lungs, dangerous blood clots, accidental cuts and tears and number of deaths from treatable serious complications. The data also helps quality-oriented hospitals assess their performance compared with others, and keep looking for ways to improve.

Data comes from the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, along with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The UMHS Quality & Safety website offers a wide range of other data on the quality and safety of the care provided at U-M hospitals and health centers. Visit

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