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Ebola preparedness at the University of Michigan Health System

Every day, the dedicated staff of the U-M Health System’s hospitals and health centers take care of patients with serious illnesses – including those who carry infectious diseases, and those who face major health risks from even the most common infection.

We’re drawing on this expertise to help us prepare for the possibility of receiving patients who have Ebola virus disease, or a high risk of developing it.

We take Ebola preparations very seriously. We are confident that if needed, we could deliver care to such patients while protecting our staff and other patients and visitors.

Together with public health authorities, we’ve developed processes for identifying and caring for patients with Ebola infection. We are training staff on proper use of protective gear needed to treat Ebola patients safely. We’ve invested in tools that will allow us to carry out crucial Ebola testing safely, and are determining how we would clean any areas and equipment that might be involved in an Ebola patient’s care.

We are screening patients who come to our facilities, asking about symptoms and any recent travel to Guinea, Liberia, Mali or Sierra Leone, or other risk factors. We are modifying our electronic health record procedures to prompt clinicians on proper triage and care, and ensure sharing of patient information across the entire care team. 

We’ve tested our processes in a recent exercise at our adult and children’s emergency departments. We will continue to make improvements and provide additional training as the outbreak continues.

For more information about Ebola, and the advice for the general public, please visit the websites maintained by the Michigan Department of Community Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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