Anesthesiology celebrates University of Michigan (VIDEO)

Special issue recognizes pioneering research by U-M Department of Anesthesiology

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – At the University of Michigan Health System, anesthesiology allows our patients to take important, often life-changing steps towards better health.

The December issue of Anesthesiology celebrates the University of Michigan’s rich history of studying personalized solutions to significant problems and fueling the laboratory and clinical research that has advanced the medical specialty.

With 13 articles and editorials from and about the U-M, it’s only the second time Anesthesiology, the Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc., has honored an American institution.

The Journal started institutional issues in 2010 and has published an institutional highlight issue each December issue since then:  December 2010: Karolinska; December 2011: Washington University; December 2012: Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris; and December 2013: University of Michigan.

“We are not just proud to be chosen, we are proud of why we were chosen,” says Kevin K. Tremper, M.D., Ph.D., chair of the U-M Department of Anesthesiology, a specialist in anesthesia for head and neck surgery whose research using one-of-a-kind software is leading changes in perioperative care.

Highlights of U-M

research in special

issue of Anesthesiology

“It’s because over the past decade we have progressively increased our contribution to the world’s literature in multiple subspecialties in our field. And it’s because of the effect of our international database which has allowed research to improve the care of patients throughout the country and the world.”

Research at the U-M studying consciousness, personalized pain management, racial disparities in health and safer operating room monitoring is creating new inroads in patient care and safety.

The U-M’s perioperative patient database is one of the largest in the world and has resulted in a series of academic publications determining patients at risk for adverse outcomes.

“The purpose and focus of all this research is to improve patient care,” says Tremper. “Our goal is to provide the safest possible care to all our patients. That is why we do this work.”

More than 140 faculty are part of the department and its clinical teams care for adults and children at the Ann Arbor medical campus and outpatient centers throughout Southeast Michigan.

Research underway at laboratories in the University of Michigan Medical School and North Campus Research Complex is fueling advances in the world of medical science.

Anesthesiology editors describe three goals for centering an issue around a single institution: to provide a short history of an influential department in the development of our specialty; to highlight how leadership has shaped and maintained a culture of active scientific investigation, even in these difficult economic times; and to attract high-quality manuscript submissions that meet the mission of the Journal to advance our specialty by promoting novel discovery.


Reference: Anesthesiology, December 2013. Vol. 119, Issue 6.


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