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Statement on arrests in the murder of medical student Paul DeWolf

Late this afternoon, the Ann Arbor Police Department issued an update on the murder of medical student Paul DeWolf, and the arrests of three suspects. Full details are available here.

The University of Michigan has released the following statements in reaction to this news:

From U-M President Mary Sue Coleman:

“We are grateful for the determined work of the Ann Arbor Police Department and the University of Michigan Police Department in identifying and arresting suspects in this senseless act of violence. We hope today’s developments provide some solace to Paul DeWolf’s family and friends, who remain in our thoughts. We will now join the greater Ann Arbor community in awaiting the outcome of the judicial process in this case.” 


From the U-M Health System:

“The loss of Paul DeWolf was a terrible shock and tragedy for our entire Medical School community, and we are heartened by this development and thankful for the diligent work of the U-M police and the Ann Arbor Police Department. We trust his family will draw comfort from this development, and that closure will ensue for them, our Medical School community and the broader Health System. We will continue to provide support to our students, faculty and staff as the judicial process unfolds.”


From U-M Police Chief Joseph Piersante:

“We very much appreciate the diligent and persistent efforts of the officers in the Ann Arbor Police Department who tirelessly continued to seek justice for our community.  We are extremely pleased with this development, which will help bring closure to this tragedy for our community and the DeWolf family.  Our thanks to Chief John Seto for the collaborative investigation that included the involvement of several U-M police officers.  While we all should remain vigilant for our personal safety, thanks to the efforts of these officers, we know that our streets are a little bit safer and that justice will be served.”


Previous UMHS statement on the DeWolf case

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