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U-M Health System CEO applauds Senate vote on Medicaid expansion

Bill will soon be sent to Michigan House


Ora H. Pescovitz, M.D., CEO of the U-M Health System and executive vice president for Medical Affairs, commended Michigan leaders after the Michigan Senate approved legislation to expand Medicaid coverage.

The Senate approved a version of House Bill 4714 that will expand Medicaid coverage to as many as 450,000 Michigan residents who arecurrently without health insurance. Although the bill initially passed the House of Representatives in June, the Senate version is expected to go back to the House for a vote before it goes to Gov. Rick Snyder.

 “I applaud the Michigan Senate for doing the right thing for the citizens of our state by approving Medicaid expansion today. Increasing Medicaid coverage will provide better, more timely care to more people. Expanding Medicaid also will reduce health care costs by allowing people to get preventive care, instead of seeking care in our emergency rooms, the most expensive place for treatment,” says Ora H. Pescovitz, CEO of the University of Michigan Health System and executive vice president for Medical Affairs, University of Michigan.

“I also commend the House of Representatives for their courage in taking a stand for improving the health of our citizens and of our economy, and I especially want to thank Gov. Rick Snyder for his tenacious leadership in pursuing this goal for our state.”

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