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Registration open for Men's Football Experience to benefit prostate cancer research

Gain an insider perspective on U-M Football with Coach Brady Hoke on June 6-7

ANN ARBOR, Mich - This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Maize and Blue fans to get inside Michigan Football like never before. The Michigan Men’s Football Experience is a two-day event championed by Michigan Football Coach Brady Hoke to benefit the “Men of Michigan” Prostate Cancer Research Fund. Funds raised will help to advance awareness, research and treatment of prostate cancer, while giving participants a truly unique insider’s perspective on Michigan Football.

The Men’s Football Experience is open to Michigan fans across the country. Only 116 “players” will be allowed to register for the “team,” the number of lockers at Michigan Stadium. Each “player” gets his own personalized locker in the U-M team locker room and wears authentic practice and game apparel.

“There is no better way to experience Michigan football than with a tour of Schembechler Hall and walking down the tunnel in the Big House,” said Coach Brady Hoke. “Our entire coaching staff participates and really looks forward to this event.”

Participants will dine with current coaches and former players at the “Legends” dinner, review and analyze game films, and learn insider Michigan Football coaching tips on weight training and conditioning, defensive and offensive plays, and effective winning strategies.

There will be roundtable discussions on leadership, player recruitment, and game strategy. Participants will attend a typical team meeting, review an actual scouting report, and suit up in the team locker room. After taking the field in the Big House, participants will experience a pre-game warm-up and run patterns from the Michigan offensive and defensive playbooks. Players also have the opportunity to catch a touchdown pass and kick the extra point after scoring a touchdown.

“This is a very special and unique opportunity to spend two days with the coaching staff and trainers of one of the most well-known and successful football programs in the nation while supporting prostate cancer research,” says Phil Grashoff, event co-chair.

The growth of prostate cancer cases is staggering. Today, prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in American men and the second leading cause of cancer death, after lung cancer. At the same time that prostate cancer cases are increasing, funding for prostate cancer research is lagging. Through education, screening, and early detection, most cases are curable when found before the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

James Montie, M.D., the Valassis Professor of Urologic Oncology at U-M, adds, “Proceeds generated from this event are used to provide seed grants and infrastructure for prostate cancer research. The National Institutes of Health does not support high-risk new research with grant funding until scientific projects are well underway. This event will help to ensure that funding is available for medical advancement.”

The cost for the two-day experience is $5,000 per person and includes meals and overnight accommodations. Participants receive an authentic Adidas game jersey, practice T-shirt, shorts, autographed football, team photo, camp highlights on DVD and other gifts and souvenirs.

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