University of Michigan offers Japanese health podcast

The University of Michigan Health System has launched its first Japanese health podcast - Doctor Jimbo's Japanese Family Health Podcast, a monthly series on contemporary health topics of concern to Japanese people living in Michigan and around the world.

The podcast is hosted by  Masahito Jimbo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., of the U-M Japanese Family Health Program. Each episode focuses on issues ranging from adult and child immunizations to the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

"I'm hoping for the podcasts to reach the audience who needs the information the most - the Japanese who live in this area," Jimbo says. He notes a general dearth of health information for Michigan's Japanese residents.

The podcasts are an effort to extend health information on a local, national and even international level. "The great thing about webcasting is that anyone with a computer and the software can access the U-M podcasts - even people in Japan," he says.

"Webcasting has a multi-media aspect, and can include graphs, video, audio and links to more information on other Web sites. The greatest thing about it is that it keeps it current. What is out on the podcast, we can say is quite up-to-date."

UMHS began podcasting in June 2006 with its flagship programs MiHealth and MiResearch. Each offers health and research news based on the work of UMHS physicians and scientists.

UMHS podcasting has grown to include several other programs, including AskThePodcastDoctor, with David Stutz, M.D.; YourChild, a nexus to the award-winning child behavioral health Web site, hosted by Kyla Boyse, R.N.; Dose of Reality Audioblogs by U-M Medical School students; Actualidad Médica, the University's first Spanish health news podcast and several others.

Japanese podcasts are produced by Kevin Mulholland, UMHS public relations editorial assistant.

Written by Kevin Mulholland

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