MedSport IMpact Program

MedSport’s IMpact Program is designed to educate and enhance mechanics or progress the rehabilitation program for return to sport. Participants in the IMpact Program focus on building functional strength, coordination, and agility, emphasizing proper jumping and landing techniques for high-risk sports skills and is a valuable asset to many, including our postoperative patients, beginning their return to sport progressions.

What the IMPact Program Includes

The IMpact Program includes jump training progression, sport-specific movements, and agility exercises. Your clinician may recommend a functional strength training and flexibility home exercise program which is intended to be completed on opposite days of your IMpact Program jump training. The Impact Program is designed to meet two to three times per week in the MedSport Athletic Performance Center.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Performance Center Coordinator at 877-877-9333 or 734-930-7400.