Object in Nose, How to Remove

There are a couple of ways to remove an object from the nose:

  • On the side that does not contain that object, press the nostril closed. Then blow hard through the nostril on the other side.
  • If your child can stay calm and you can see the object and grasp it, try to remove the object with tweezers. Do not try to grasp round objects because you could push the object farther back into the nostril. (Be careful not to hurt the inside of the nose with the tweezers.)

To remove an object from a child's nose, you can also try the "kiss" technique:

  • On the side that doesn't contain the object, press the nostril closed with your finger. (Or have the child do it, if he or she is old enough.)
  • Then blow a puff of air into the child's mouth. You may need to repeat this several times. The pressure will help push the object out of the nose.

Don't try this if it makes you nervous or if the child gets upset or says it hurts.

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