Housing Bureau for Seniors Programs and Events

Senior Living Week


SENIOR LIVING EXPO:  October 15, 2022. 

SENIOR LIVING WEEK:  Senior Living Week 2022 is a combination of virtual and live presentations and happens October 16 - October 22. 

The Housing Bureau for Seniors program coordinators and volunteer staff work to:

  • Improve housing and related issues
  • Link seniors and caregivers to needed community-based services and
  • Prevent evictions and homelessness

They also create community awareness about aging and housing issues through educational programs to a wide variety of community and professional groups.

For more information about any of our programs, contact our Intake Coordinator at 734-998-9339.

Programs and Services

Eviction Prevention Program

Helps renters with a myriad of financial, physical, or cognitive difficulties maintain safe and affordable housing by action planning and mediating with landlords to eliminate, reduce or stabilize threats to housing.

  • Conduct assessments that encompass financial stability, physical and mental health, and housing sustainability.
  • Collaborate with local resources to resolve issues around eviction including legal services, budget counseling, medical supports, etc.
  • Access emergency funding sources to provide monetary assistance to mitigate threats to housing.
  • Maintain positive relationships with area landlords and property managers so they are sensitive to senior housing issues.

Foreclosure Prevention Program

Assists older adults in maintaining home-ownership and avoiding property tax or mortgage foreclosure. Clients are assessed holistically and interventions and resources are implemented with a focus on financial sustainability along with other social determinants of health. 

  • Assist with applying for property tax reductions and deferments
  • Assist with preparation of some tax credits
  • Utilize emergency loan funds and other community-based financial assistance to pay delinquent property taxes or mortgage payments
  • Explore financial planning strategies and develop sustainable plans to maintain home-ownership 

In partnership with AARP and The United Way of Washtenaw County, we host tax preparation programs during tax season that are targeted towards assisting low-income older adults throughout Washtenaw County.

Housing Counseling

Our housing counseling services are all encompassing and designed to assist you with finding housing that works for you! Through the use of assessment tools, we can determine if you are able to reside in your home long term with the use of resources, or if we should consider looking into other housing opportunities that meet your needs now and in the future.

  • Provide comprehensive assessment of clients' current and future needs based on necessities such as: location, transportation, current health needs, social opportunities, affordability, morals and values.
  • Work with clients, caregivers and other organizations to explore all sustainable housing options.

Educational Presentations

As part of our community outreach, we offer educational presentations to senior groups, civic organizations, church groups and businesses.

We also provide programs for the professional community and are pleased make presentations at staff development or in-service training programs. Ask about our customized training and fees.

Please contact the Housing Bureau for Seniors at 734-998-9338 to schedule presentations on any of the following topics:

  • Bullying Among Older Adults
  • Addiction and Older Adults
  • Housing and the LGBT Community
  • Extending Independence in the Home
  • Assisted Living: Using Decision-Making Tools to Find the Right Fit
  • Low-Cost Senior Housing: Understanding How it Works
  • Preventing Property Tax or Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Preventing Eviction and Homelessness
  • Quality Housing and Health


Senior Living Week

Go to our Senior Living Week page to learn more about the 2022 Senior Living Week event.

Tax Assistance Program

Available dates for the upcoming tax season to be announced before the 2023 tax season

Big Hearts for Seniors

Drawn gold heart with blue outline with text "Big Hearts for Seniors" inside heart

Learn more about Big Hearts for Seniors.

Flu Shot Clinic

Flu Shots: The best way to protect yourself and your family against the flu is to get vaccinated every fall.

Community Flu Shot Clinics locations for 2022 will be announced early in the fall of 2022.

Visit the Community Health Services Events page for more information. Questions? Contact Guy Provenza at (734) 998-2156.

Thanks for Support

HBS staff couldn't do the work they do in the community to help seniors find and maintain safe and affordable housing without the support of the United Way of Washtenaw County and Washtenaw Coordinated Funders. Thank you for your support!

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