Dermatology at Domino's Farms


The Department of Dermatology at Dominos Farms offers patient care services including: 

Medical Dermatology  Our skilled dermatologists provide expert diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the skin, hair or nails to patients of all ages.

Phototherapy Our outpatient phototherapy facilities are available for diagnosis of photosensitive skin disorders, as well as treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin disorders that respond to ultraviolet light. A wide variety of specialized equipment and trained nurse technicians offer a full spectrum of patient services.

Dermatology Treatment Center (DTC)  The DTC program provides all-day comprehensive therapy in a self-contained, relaxed and comfortable setting for patients with severe or disabling psoriasis. Those eligible for admission to the DTC program receive specialized therapy similar to that used within the UMHS Dermatology Inpatient Service, as well as psychosocial support and counseling by a multidisciplinary team. Patients are able to return to their homes at night, and those living greater than 40 miles away may qualify to receive accommodations at a local hotel.

Appointments: 734-936-4054