Our Vaccine Scheduling Process

Each week, Michigan Medicine is provided a limited supply of vaccine from the State of Michigan. In order to make sure that we don’t schedule more appointments than what we have available vaccine for, and to help provide a smooth vaccine clinic experience for our patients, we use a structured appointment scheduling process.

Vaccine invitations and appointments are managed exclusively through our COVID-19 vaccine team to ensure that vaccines are being administered as quickly and fairly as possible. Please do not call or message your provider about scheduling a vaccine appointment.

NOTE: Michigan Medicine receives a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine each week. We strongly encourage our patients to take advantage of the state’s established vaccine distribution system by also registering for vaccination with local health departments and pharmacies, and accepting the first opportunity to be vaccinated that you are offered.

Visit our Finding Vaccines in Your Area page for more tips and resources for getting vaccinated.

Questions and Answers About Scheduling a COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

How can an established Michigan Medicine patient request an invitation to schedule a vaccination appointment?

As we follow the State of Michigan’s vaccine distribution phases, different groups of patients will become eligible to receive the vaccine in each phase. Visit our Vaccine Phases & Progress page for more information about vaccine eligibility.

Within each phase, patients will receive vaccine invitations in waves to ensure a seamless experience at our vaccine clinics, and to ensure adequate vaccine supply.

No action is needed on your part at this time to request an invitation. Established patients will receive an invitation automatically as we move through the vaccine distribution program. Contacting your clinic will not affect your ability to get vaccinated sooner.

How will I receive my invitation to schedule my vaccination appointment?

Registered MyUofMHealth patient portal users will receive their invitation to schedule a vaccination by email and through a notification in their portal account. They will be able to schedule their appointment directly through the portal.

If you do not have a MyUofMHealth portal account, you may sign up for one on MyUofMHealth.org.

Established patients who are not portal users will receive an invitation to schedule an appointment through a mailed letter or a phone call from our COVID-19 Hotline team.

You will not be able to schedule an appointment for a vaccine from Michigan Medicine until you have received an invitation.

How do I schedule a vaccination appointment using the MyUofMHealth patient portal?

Once you've received an invitation to schedule your vaccination appointment, log in to the MyUofMHealth patient portal, find the appointment scheduling message on your home page, click the blue "Schedule Now" button, and then follow the steps to choose a location, date and time for your appointment.

For a detailed guide to scheduling your appointment that includes screenshots of the patient portal, view or download the Scheduling Your COVID-19 Vaccine PDF.

I received an invitation to schedule a vaccine appointment, but no appointments are available. What should I do?

If you receive an invitation to schedule a vaccine, it is possible there might not be appointments available when you log into the MyUofMHealth patient portal to schedule your appointment.

In order to give as many patients access to a vaccine as quickly as possible, appointments are being opened up in waves as quickly as supply will allow.

Once you receive an invitation to schedule your vaccine appointment, your referral will remain active. Please keep checking back, as new slots are opened as vaccine supply allows.

Can I get my vaccination somewhere else? Do I need to get both doses at the same place?

The State of Michigan’s vaccination distribution strategy is to offer broader access to vaccination through health departments and pharmacies. We strongly encourage our patients to explore additional opportunities to be vaccinated through their local health department and pharmacies in their area, and take the first appointment to be vaccinated that they are offered.

Visit our “Finding Vaccines in Your Area” page for more tips and resources for getting vaccinated.

Please note that you will need to get both your first and second dose of the vaccine from the same provider.

If you receive a vaccine from another provider in the State of Michigan (excluding the VA), your vaccination record will be entered into a statewide database (MCIR) that securely connects with our electronic medical record system. If your medical record shows that you have been vaccinated through another Michigan provider, you will not receive an invitation to be vaccinated at Michigan Medicine. This helps us move on to offer other patients vaccination once we have the reassurance that you have already received your immunization.

If you receive your vaccination from a provider outside of Michigan, or from the VA, please see the section "If You Have Been Vaccinated Elsewhere" section at the bottom of the Finding Vaccines in Your Area page for instructions on how to notify your Michigan Medicine provider that you have been vaccinated.

I've scheduled my vaccination appointment at Michigan Medicine. How do I find where to go, and what should I expect?

Visit the Your Vaccination Appointment page for a video about what to expect and maps and other information about clinic locations.