COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Update Message

As sent by email on February 25

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We opened a limited number of first-dose appointments this week.

Michigan Medicine received enough vaccine supply from the state to open approximately 1,000 new first-dose appointments. 

The appointments were opened on Tuesday and were quickly reserved by patients age 65 and older, as well as a limited number of Michigan Medicine health care workers who work on-site at health care facilities.

If you received an invitation to schedule an appointment this week, or have received an invitation in the past, please check back the week of March 1 to see if additional new first-dose appointments are being offered.

We hope to receive enough vaccine supply next week to continue to open new appointments and extend new invitations to our eligible patients.

How can you get invited to schedule a vaccine appointment?

There is no request process or "sign-up" to receive an invitation to schedule a vaccine appointment at Michigan Medicine. We will issue new invitations to established Michigan Medicine patients age 65 and older in waves as supply allows, using the information in your patient record. Invitations are sent through email and portal message to MyUofMHealth patient portal users. Patients who are not enrolled in the patient portal will receive their invitations by mail.

We also recommend checking with local health departments and retail pharmacies in your area about vaccination options., your local health department website, and the State of Michigan’s COVID-19 vaccine website are great resources to find vaccine providers in your area.

Second-dose appointments are also available.

We know last week’s snowstorm forced some people to cancel second-dose vaccine appointments. If you tried to reschedule your appointment and were unable to find a time slot, please check back now. New second-dose appointments were opened up early the week of February 22. We will continue to monitor and open additional second-dose appointments as needed and as vaccine supply is received. You will not lose the ability to schedule a second-dose appointment.

We're partnering with the county to vaccinate educators.

The State of Michigan has shifted much of its vaccine strategy to using local health departments as facilitators for local vaccine distribution. In some cases, health departments partner with hospitals and other health providers to get vaccines to local residents as soon as possible.

Michigan Medicine and IHA are honored to be partnering with the Washtenaw County Health Department to vaccinate local educators. The health department partnered with Washtenaw County school districts to prioritize and identify eligible educators, and to direct them either to IHA or to us through a special scheduling system. The vaccines that will be used at this weekend's one-day, large-scale vaccine clinic for educators at Michigan Stadium are from the county’s weekly vaccine supply and do not draw from supply otherwise available to Michigan Medicine patients age 65 and older.

We are honored to be a part of vaccinating pre-kindergarten through 12th grade educators and staff, and we look forward to continuing to support our county partners in whatever capacity we can to vaccinate our communities quickly and safely.

If you are a pre-K through 12th grade educator in Washtenaw County and have questions about vaccination, please contact your employer. All vaccination invitations are coordinated through Washtenaw County schools and the Washtenaw County Health Department.

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