COVID-19: One Year Later

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One Nurse's Journey Back to Health After COVID-19

In May, the Michigan Health blog told the story of Michelle Davis’s COVID hospitalization. A year later, her return to work, and life, fills her with gratitude.

Read more of Davis's story on the Michigan Health Blog post, One Nurse's Journey Back to Health After COVID-19

Stories from Our Blogs

The stories below are part of a series marking one year since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

For a comprehensive list of COVID-19 research and health news on our blogs, visit the Coronovirus Coverage page on the Michigan Health blog.

Featured Video: Michigan Medicine’s First COVID-19 Patient

One year ago this week, Paul DeWyse became Michigan Medicine's first COVID-19 patient. Eleven days later, DeWyse, a double lung transplant recipient, was discharged to finish recovering at home, and after a month felt fully recovered with no lingering side effects.

You can watch DeWyse share his story in the video below or read more on the Michigan Health blog post, "One Year Later: Michigan Medicine’s First COVID-19 Patient."

For livestream event videos and a playlist of videos related to COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine, visit the Michigan Medicine YouTube Channel.

COVID-19 By the Numbers

Michigan Medicine has treated over 2,000 patients for COVID-19 since our first COVID patient was admitted a year ago in March of 2020. (Read his story on our Michigan Health Blog: "One Year Later: Michigan Medicine’s First COVID-19 Patient.")

The numbers tell their own story: the steady rise of the number of patients hospitalized with COVID through the spring of 2020, falling totals then a flattening in the summer, followed by a second, smaller surge in late fall. As one, then two, and now three, vaccines have become available since December 2020, the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 began to fall again, bringing hope that someday soon, the pandemic will be behind us.

The graph below shows the daily number of hospitalized patients at Michigan Medicine since the early days of the pandemic. For more details and a daily update, visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update page. For daily vaccination totals visit our Vaccine Information and Update page.